Charging on the Go!


I’ve been looking for a SAE to USB charger for my motorcycle for some time now and this was exactly what I wanted.” – Jason C. (MD)

“Product works great. It eliminates the bulk of a cigarette lighter adapter, making it possible to have a streamlined look by hiding your charging cable.” – Nino P. (OH)

This motorcycle phone charger is the easiest and best way to charge my iPhone I have ever found. I have had this for over 6 months and use it everyday. I have been looking for this for years.“ – Mike N. (TX)

Very grateful that something like this is available now!” – Joesph D. (MI)

GREAT PRODUCT – It’s small, simple and easy to use! I keep it in my saddle bag so it’s always on the bike. It plugs right into the SAE lead for the battery tender that is already on my bike, so i didn’t have to do anything, just plug it in. I also like the fact you can use it on any phone that uses a USB cable to charge the phone so you can use it on many different phones. “ – Darren C. (WI)

How Cool is THIS –  I ordered a phone charger from another company for my VFR and it was the kind that wired up to your bat. with an inline fuse and a USB adapter on the other end. It failed within one week. Then I found this little jewel.”  – Scott M. (OR)

What a freaking awesome product!!!!!” – Paul B. (OH)

Must have piece of equipment for any rider.” – Marc G. (MA)

My husband almost FELL OVER when I gave him a ZootFresh charger for Christmas to use on his new Harley!! A huge THANK YOU to (name deleted) for hooking me up with one. :) (Seriously…my man thought it was the greatest gift!)”  – Susan G. (GA)

Unique product” (5 Stars) – Peter K.  
Well made” (5 Stars) – Edwin H.    
Awesome product” (5 Stars) – Melissa H.    
Cool gadget!” (5 Stars) David E.  
Good product that fulfills its function.” (5 Stars) – Boris D.  
Great product” (5 Stars) – Michael C.
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